About the Author

DeWayne McCulley is an engineer who almost died from a diabetic coma with a blood glucose of 1337 -- more than 1200 points above normal!

Fortunately, he was able to use his background in engineering and biochemistry to safely wean off the insulin and other drugs within 3.5 months. Needless to say, his doctors were shocked at his recovery.

After DeWayne returned to work, he joined the American Diabetes Association to help increase diabetes awareness and education. He ran 3 diabetic support groups and conducted diabetes education and training classes to hundreds of diabetics in the community and various churches.

With encouragement from his mother and daughter, and so many requests from the community, DeWayne became an author and wrote the top-selling book, Death to Diabetes. DeWayne continues to help diabetics around the world via his diabetes education and awareness programs.

YouTube Video

Below is  a video of the author explaining his story of recovery from the diabetic coma and the insulin shots.

Note: To learn how the author used education to reverse his diabetes, visit our Videos web page.

DeWayne McCulley, Author of Death to Diabetes

DeWayne McCulley, Author of Death to Diabetes

Author at Medical Conference