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DeWayne McCulley was a system engineer in Corporate America, when he almost died from diabetic coma with a blood glucose level of 1337 (more than 1200 points above normal). He was placed on several drugs, including insulin (4 shots a day), a blood thinner (Coumadin), and a statin (Lipitor).

To the surprise of his doctors, DeWayne was able to wean off the insulin and other drugs within 3.5 months, while lowering his blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C back to their normal ranges. DeWayne credits his recovery to God, his mother, his daughter and his background in engineering and biochemistry. 

DeWayne used his 30 years of experience in engineering and biochemistry to reverse and defeat his diabetes and help other diabetics as a volunteer of a diabetic support group for the American Diabetes Association. 

With support and encouragement from his engineering colleagues, the local community and his family, DeWayne decided to share his story and diabetes research by writing his first book, Death to Diabetes

This book explains his experience with diabetes, the actual root causes of diabetes, and how to defeat the disease. His book and his diabetes wellness program are based on his 6-stage medical wellness model, his science-based nutritional protocol, the 5 "super" foods, the 5 "dead" foods, the 7 wellness factors, and research from more than 760 clinical studies.

DeWayne's diabetes wellness program is unique from all other diabetes programs because it provides a structured 6-stage roadmap and metrics-driven tracking model. This roadmap and tracking model allows the client and his/her doctors to understand their "wellness progress" in order to determine the specific corrective actions that need to be taken.

DeWayne is an engineering graduate of Pennsylvania State University, worked for Hughes Aircraft and Xerox Corp. for 30 years, and was a  math tutor volunteer for the Urban League for more than 15 years. 

DeWayne grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania, where he was blessed with strong parents and great teachers, who gave him the hope and the vision to eventually help others.

Because of the success of his book and requests from diabetics around the world, DeWayne has written several additional books about diabetes juicing, recipes/meal planning, detox, and health coaching. 

In addition, DeWayne has developed 3 online diabetes training programs -- one for diabetics, one for healthcare professionals who want to help diabetics, one for healthcare professionals who want to train other professionals (e.g. train-the-trainer); and, one for corporations who want to educate their employees.

For more information about DeWayne's story and how he is helping other diabetics, refer to his main DTD website or watch him in action on YouTube or Real.Video.

Note: Below is a newspaper article about DeWayne's story. You can either download the article (PDF) or read the story online on the main website.

Author Sidebar: If you find my story difficult to believe, I don't blame you. Here is a  PDF copy of my personal medical file from my family doctor. This medical file proves that my blood sugar was 1337 and that I was able to lower my blood sugar back to the normal range and wean off the insulin within 3.5 months. 

p.s. Oh by the way, sometimes, I also find it difficult to believe my story and I was there! :-)

FYI: Below are some testimonials on Amazon as well as interviews on TV and radio about my recovery and my book, which has become a top-selling diabetes book.

Photo: DeWayne McCulley

Photo: DeWayne McCulley

CBS TV Interview

This was the first time that I was interviewed on TV, so I was really nervous ...

ABC TV Interview

A couple years later, I was more relaxed, I think because the journalist made me feel at ease ...

Medical Conference: Introduction

I was invited by a doctor to speak at his medical conference when one of his patients told him that his diabetes had gotten better after reading my book.

Medical Conference: My Endocrinologist

This part of my talk was kind of comical. I was describing how my endocrinologist refused to see me because I had successfully weaned myself off the insulin. :-)

Call-in Radio Show Talks About the Author

During a radio call-in show, a woman mentions that my book should be read by every doctor in medical school!

Cardiologist Recommends Death to Diabetes Book

During a radio show interview, a cardiologist recommends that diabetics should buy my book.

Newspaper Article

Rochester D&C Newspaper -Health Section - DeWayne McCulley (pdf)



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